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Water Innovation Hubs for fostered Indo-German collaboration

Rapid growth poses infrastructural challenges to India’s cities. Water insecurity, demand for wastewater treatment as well as an access to and knowledge of technological solutions are some major stress factors affecting the Indian water sector. AQUA-Hub addresses the needs of the identified local water sectors, as well as the challenges faced by the German water industry in developing projects, relationships and business in the Indian market. It is implementing Water Innovation Hubs in two Indian Smart Cities, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and Solapur, Maharashtra. These are accompanied by pilot measurements of German water quality monitoring technology in the local context.

In addition to network activities and the mediation between business partners, the hubs also function as project centers for the realization of technical demonstration projects and increase the exposure of Indian partners to German technologies. These demonstration projects are identified by the local stakeholders and are supported by German water industries. The envisaged piloting of German water monitoring technologies thus offers the opportunity to meet local needs with manageable investments and risks. Additionally, it also aims to lay a strong foundation for both subsequent technology transfer and better on-site data availability as a starting point for meeting environmental goals. AQUA-Hub creates the basis for strengthening the Indo-German co-operation by contributing to solving water-related challenges and driving innovation in the water sector.


Co-operations with different institutions of the Indian and German water sector will be listed here in the future.